High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling

High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: Continued Prototype Development and Deployment to Regional and National Scales

The overall goal of our project is the continuing development of a framework for estimating high-resolution forest carbon stocks and dynamics and future carbon sequestration potential using remote sensing and ecosystem modeling linked with existing field observation systems such as the USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) network. In particular, we seek to demonstrate an approach that provides the basis for the rapid expansion from previous prototypes at the county/state-scale to cover a multi-state region encompassing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) domain, and ultimately the coterminous U.S. Additionally, we prepare for national scale prognostic ecosystem modeling using data from the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI). Our intent is to drive the model at 1 km resolution over the lower 48 states using the first year of canopy height observations from GEDI. Specifically, we will address the following objectives: (1) Build upon, extend, and improve our existing methodology for carbon stock estimation and uncertainty based on lessons learned from our Phase 2 studies. (2) Provide wall-to-wall, high-resolution, estimates of carbon stocks, carbon sequestration potential, and their uncertainties for multi-state state RGGI+. (3) Validate and enhance national biomass maps using Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data and high- resolution biomass maps over an expanded domain. (4) Demonstrate MRV efficacy to meet stakeholder needs at regional scale, and a vision for future national-scale deployment. (5) Prototype national scale forest carbon products for CONUS using GEDI data. Our proposed research directly responds to the research topics identified for this phase of CMS. Additionally, data from airborne lidar, airborne optical, and spaceborne platforms are essential to this project as is societal relevance, with active stakeholder engagement planned at state, regional, and national scales.

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